Laminations custom surfboard manufacturer. U.K.

Laminations is a custom surfboard factory and surfboard wholesaler that prides itself in beautifully crafted surfboards. Whether it is a light weight, high performance 5'10" contest shortboard a beginners mini mal to help start someone on a long and happy journey through surfing or a traditional 10' longboard with resin tints, tail blocks and intricate pinline work Laminations surfboard factory has the right team for the job.

We are a custom surfboard manufacturer with over 100 years of knowledge within our team of surfboard shapers, sprayers, glassers and finishers. As well as keeping up to date with modern materials and techniques, such as our APS 3000 shaping machine with the new shape 3D shaping programme, we also pride ourselves in creating beautifully crafted, traditional surfboards.

In the past and also the present we have been very lucky in working with some of the worlds top surfboard shapers and just for the sake of name dropping here are just a few surfers, craftsmen and surfboard shapers that have left their mark on the Laminations factory:

  • Brian Bulkley
  • Peter " Chops" Lascelles
  • Nat Young
  • Rich Pavel
  • Tyler Hatzikian
  • Bob Cooper
  • Wayne Linch
  • Kingsley 'Knackers' Kernovske
  • Glyndon Ringrose
  • Justin Matteson

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Surfboard Factory News

Chillis Back!

Chilli arrives for another shaping run on 24th on his way to Portugal.. yeeha. Custom orders from £540

Chilli surfboards

James 'CHILLI' Cheal is back shaping surfboards at Laminations in August. Order now for your custom shaped Chilli.

SUPERbrand surfboards

SUPERbrand custom surfboards are available for July. Prices from £495. Contact:

Custom Bonzers by Malcolm Campbell

Malcolm Campbell of Campbell Bros surfboards will be shaping custom bonzers from 19th May (10 days)! for roughly 2 weeks. Orders...

Factory Ebay page

There's a new Laminations factory Ebay page. Where you can find some great deals on Team boards, old stock and factory seconds.

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